5 questions to dominate before starting to blog

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At times you will get so many questions enveloped across your mind.Unexpectingly you will rather find yourself stuck into an argument of overthink, basically as a beginner you wouldn’t realize what’s important to blog.

So today I’m going to share with you some domestic questions you might need before blogging.

  • Why do you need a blog ?
  • What reason do you have?
  • What goals do you intend to achieve?
  • Whom are you talking to?
  • Do have the capability/i’m I contentwise?

1.Why do I need to blog?

If one would ask me such question,i’m definitely not going to answer with just simple words, instead I would say “To blog Solutions”I think you should try solve other people’s problems provided you follow your heart and never forget to sauce in your idea —and professionality.Not only does blogging enable you to share your thoughts but also has some personal effects,Well,interaction is listed, can draw you some money and more if patience is your thing.
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          2.What reason do I have to blog?

          Actually there are thousands of reasons why you needed a blog,well, lets say you are a Mentor ,and wanted to reach billions of people out there,very quickly and nicely a blog would be the best way to share your thoughts and opinions.Just to be brief I can’t Imagine starting a site without a reason to.That sounds inappropriate and more alerting so that quitting shouldn’t be a problem.


          3.What goals do you intend to Achieve?

          A goal is what you hope to achieve and for every success in this competition—always aim to give out the best.

            I was with my pastor and really learnt a lot from the words he uttered, the piece of wisdom definitely delivered some good knowledge to my memory and changed my thoughts for the best,”That if you if can’t shape your success then some other people will hire you to shape theirs”pastor uttered.

            4.Whom are you talking to?

            I think this is area that needs more of your attention.Reason being it’s the atmosphere where you have to realize that you aren’t just speaking to ordinary people but super intelligent persons.To be more on safer side, observe,understand and finally be the waitor.Note that;Your traffic is your success nothing more.
            In blogging I can only define three secrets;

            • More traffic
            • Content capability
            • Some cash is included

            5.I’m I contentwise?

            This is the most overlooked aspect since its entails what everybody needs.it can be a bit exhausting but it’s the area where you have to put in order by simply writing a killer content.